Creative tours.

We have created private tours in collaboration with artists, writers, art historians and creative experts who have shared the places they like and the venues that inspire them. Our focus is always on Arts & Culture and urban creativity.

Our clients include networking groups, boutique hotels, concierge companies, business organisations and individuals.



A few favourites...

Street Art

Our Street Art tours look at a defining feature of 21st century London where artists from around the world come to paint particularly in Shoreditch streets. Hundreds of pieces by artists as well-known as Banksy, Ben Eine, Roa, Shepard Fairey or fresh as young art students cover the walls. But what is the street art movement about? Where does it come from? Who is doing it? How and why? 

Art Scene

We design art galleries and artist studios tours and guided visits of public exhibitions. Typically, these tours explore the art scene of a particular neighbourhood during which participants can discover an inspiring mix of cutting edge contemporary art reflecting the passions of individual gallery owners. We talk about the exhibitions on show, the buildings that house them and the entrepreneurial individuals who play such an key role in nurturing young talents.


Culinary Walk

London's fantastically diverse food scene and rich food-shop heritage offer constant inspiration. Historic food shops, new concept stores, markets are concentrated in certain areas full of creativity. This is  a unique way to discover the exciting and multicultural aspect of the city and to have many tastings along the way.

Neighbourhood Discovery

Curating neighbourhood visits is really our specialty. Creativity is to be found at each corner of London. We have created itineraries in collaboration with artists, writers, art historians and creative experts who have shared the places they like and the venues that inspire them. We explore the hidden gems that will inspire you and remain in your memories for a long time.

Michele knows her ways in the City of London and the way to convey her contagious passion for the Arts, either through her own guidance or in partnership with very qualified guides. Discovering unknown sights with passionate insights, opening our eyes to the unexpected, feeling the emotions of the sunlight on a sculpture or an unusual architectural space, these are the kind of unique experiences that we have with From My City! I highly recommend FMC for building up a memorable and original experience of the arts in London
— Laurence, London
The sculpture tour was really a special moment: combining the discovery of the art with unique perspectives of the city landscape was a unique sensorial experience. All of it making new friends. Every of the FMC tours I participated to allowed me to open refreshed eyes and stimulate my senses, deeply transforming my perception of the city...
— Patrick, Brussels
Michèle made us uncover the London that is not met by the conventional traveller. It went from tracing the successive waves of immigration to the beating heart of the city’s youth. Within a few hours, she brought us through an elaborate historical overview to the disconcerting message carried by what one could qualify as total freedom of expression.
— Henry, Brussels
Thanks you so much for such a wonderful afternoon. I loved the gallery and it was such a fascinating building, as well. For me, the highlight was interacting with such a group of fascinating women and our discussion over tea. I left feeling very inspired. I would love to join you again!
— Lois, London