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Art Exhibitions During the Olympic Games

Art Exhibitions During the Olympic Games

The main  museums have already announced their art exhibitions for next summer during the Olympic Games. We have listed a few of them below.

The National Portrait Gallery

The Queen: Art and Image, 17 May- 21 October 2012

This exhibition marks the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.  The exhibition includes 60, painted portraits, official photographs, press images and works from contemporary artists from the 60 years of her reign. Works of the following artists are represented: Pietro Annigoni, Cecil Beaton, Lord Lichfield, Andy Warhol, Lucian Freud and Gerhard Richter. Their works are accompanied by archival material – from film footage to postage stamps.

The Tate Modern

Damien Hirst, 5 April-9 September 2012

For the first time an institution in the UK is surveying a large body of Damien Hirst's work. It will bring together works from over 20 years of his career.  The exhibition will include sculptures from his Natural History series, including The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living 1991, where he suspended a shark in formaldehyde.

Edward Munch: The Modern Eye, 28 June-14 October 2012

The Modern Eye, will be close look at the work of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch (1863-1944). Munch is often viewed as a 19th century painter of the Symbolist or pre-Expressionist movement. However, this exhibition looks at him as a 20th century artist, relevant to his time.

The British Museum

Shakespeare staging the world, 19 July-25 November 2012

In collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare company, this exhibition gives new life to Shakespeare's plays. A variety of objects, from armour to maps, contemporary to Shakespeare's time, will be displayed in order to give fresh context to Shakespeare's work. This exhibition is part of the World Shakespeare Festival which is part of the London Festival 2012.

The Tate Britain

Picasso and Britain, 15 February- 15 July 2012 

This exhibition will end just before the Olympic games.  It focuses on Picasso’s relationship and affection for England.  It also looks at Picasso’s influence on twentieth century British modernism looking at the work of British artists, Duncan Grant, Wyndham Lewis, Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon, Graham Sutherland and David Hockney.

Another London, 31 July-16 September 2012

This exhibition looks at photographs taken of London from 1930-1960 taken by some of the most famous international photographers of the day. They record London as foreigners and lend it fresh perspective. The show features artists: Bill Brandt, Henri-Cartier Bresson, Bruce Davidson, Elliot Erwitt, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Germaine Krull, Alving Langdon-Coburn, Marketa Luskacova, Dora Maar, Irving Penn and Willy Ronis.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

British Design 1948-2012, March-August 2012

This exhibition covers 60 years of British design. After the postwar "Austerity Games" in 1948, there was a distinct shift in design trends in Britain. The exhibition will include product design, fashion and textiles, furniture, ceramics and glass, theatre design, graphics, photography, architecture, fine art and sculpture.

The Royal Opera House

The Olympic Journey: the Story of the Games at the Royal Opera House, 27 July-12 August 2012

The Royal Opera House will host an exhibition of Olympic torches and medals.  Every Olympic medal since 1896 and every Olympic torch since 1936 will be included in this show. This will be a free exhibition, which will survey Olympic history starting in ancient times.

If you want to secure tickets for these exhibitions and would like to organize a private tour with an expert, please contact us to discuss the options.







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