From urban tours, arts & culture events to creative placemaking.




Who can benefit from our services?

For several years, FMC has offered unique creative bespoke tours, urban explorations, art talks, galleries and artist studios' visits, food tasting, music concerts, corporate and cultural events, short trips.

In conceiving our programmes, we look at diversity and various urban areas, observe trends, hunt for hidden gems, spend time to talk to residents, try to understand people aspirations and connect with the local artistic community. Passionate by urban developments, we want to be part of the global placemaking movement.

The types of clients we serve include: property developers of new mixed used development, hotels, local authorities, property owners associations, housing associations, business organisations and not for profit agencies.


Our Focus

  • Create energy and life into a particular space
  • Make each place special and different
  • Build a destination from existing assets
  • Bring people and communities together
  • Raise awareness of local businesses
  • Collaborate closely with local authorities and organisations
  • Encourage the adaptation of old parts to new uses
  • Stimulate active public participation
  • Empower artists to improve and change urban life
  • Promote street-level arts
  • Make a positive contribution to the wider neighbourhood

The Importance of Arts & Culture in city life

  • Facilitate social interaction
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Act as an incredible social leveller
  • Stimulate diversity and openness
  • Essential for building a creative economy
Visitors track down areas where something exciting exists. They come to share the experience and then support it and promote it.
— Michèle, FMC founder

Our Approach: 3 Phases

1. Research

We immerse ourselves in the identity of the area by conducting a research on the cultural heritage and history of the place. We carefully scrutinise the people who live and work there. We look in particular at the issue of diversity among users and their various schedules. During that phase, we talk and liaise with residents, businesses and officials and make sure that we hear their views, assets and aspirations. The key for us is to involve at an early stage potential users such as residents, entrepreneurs and visitors.

2. Programming

We brainstorm ideas and create a mood board as well as a 3D simulation of the venue with our recommendations. We then set a strategy and design a programme of creative activities to create and stimulate an attachment to the place. We also make suggestions on how to transform the space. We propose a budget. This can include regular creative activities, one-off event, public artworks...

3. Execution and Management

We control project budgets, prepare a risk assessment, hire props, equipment and materials, recruit, negotiate contracts and manage artists, entertainers, crafts specialists, designers and staff.  We liaise with security officers, police and ambulance services. When relevant, we also create partnership opportunities with local community organizations, public bodies, creative and cultural partners.

Riverside Bedford - A case study

Our client has instructed us to organise the launch event of a new mixed-used development located along the river. We created and managed a three day launch event including an official ribbon cutting ceremony with city officials, a day event with more than 30 street performers taking over the entire venue followed by a community day with children activities, demonstrations and stalls involving the local community. 

We have

  • Met with a number of Bedford community members in the field of art, culture and social projects.
  • Cooperated with the Bedford mayor’s office, local authorities and local organisations.
  • Organised the official ribbon cutting ceremony with the mayor and VIPs including former Canoe gold Olympic medalist.
  • Designed a gastro tour for all the officials and VIPs.
  • Launched the first public art installation previously commissioned by a local art organisation on the square and commissioned an additional art trail designed by the artist to complement the piece.
  • Organized a day of entertainment in the whole site with a big range of street performers, artists and musicians and boat activities on the river.
  • Designed and managed a community day with more than 15 market stalls, games and activities for children and invited local dance school, martial art and tai chi to perform on the main square.
  • Prepared full risk assessments, 3D plans, manage all logistics and cooperated with the marketing team on a range of marketing materials.
  • Managed the three day event with a local team carefully selected.