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Art Lunch Tips

Art Lunch Tips

Why not going to an Art talk at lunch time and  come back at your desk inspired and refreshed for the afternoon .

Most of us are tied at our desks for lunch or take less than 15 min to eat. It is not easy to take a proper break but why not be disciplined and do it once a week? A growing body of multidisciplinary research shows the benefits of leaving our desks and taking a proper pause. It improves our wellbeing, makes us more enthusiastic about our job and boosts our productivity. Changing environment also gives our brain a proper break, helps to recharge our batteries and stimulates new ideas. What better than art to create insightful discussions and boost our confidence?

London is full of art related activities that can be joined at lunch time. In this feature,  we list a selection of lunchtime talks around London.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery regularly offers art talks at lunch time  for 45 minutes starting at 1 pm. This month, most of them are related to Rembrandt due to the exceptional exhibition currently showing there. The next talk is on  Monday 17 November in the Sainsbury Wing Theatre. The topic: "Rembrandt and his Late Etchings: an Insight into the Master's Working Methods" with An van Camp.

Victoria and Albert Museum

The V&A also organizes talks at lunch time for 45 minutes starting at 1.00 pm. The next one this month is on Wednesday  19 November at The Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre.  The topic: "Constable: The Making of a Master" to match with the current exhibition.

British Museum

The British Museum has many lunch talks lasting 45 minutes and starting at 1.15 pm. The next one is on Tuesday 18 November. The topic:"Sutton Hoo: who was buried in a ship like this?"

The National Portrait Gallery

Plenty of opportunities for talks are also offered at The National Portrait Gallery. The next one (45 minutes) is on 20 November starting at  1.15 pm "Something of me" – Portraits of Cecil Beaton.

The Photographers' Gallery

This public space entirely devoted to photography also offers interesting talks. Their next talk is on Friday 28 November at 1.00 pm (60 minutes). The subject: "My Favourite Photograph" by Marc Vallée. 

Welcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection has a wonderful program of exhibitions linking Art and science as well as lunch talks. The next one on  "Causes of Diseases", by Liam Smeeth is on Friday 9 January  at 1.00 pm (60 minutes).

In our next features in this Art Lunch series, we will give you some ideas for finding  lunch time concerts.

At FMC, we regularly organize lunch time events and we are currently working on a plan to deliver it at your office. For more information, contact us at Michele@frommycity.com

Lunchtime Concerts

Lunchtime Concerts

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