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A Cocktail Enthusiast

A Cocktail Enthusiast

This month in our profile series, we feature a charming young lady, Viktoria Memminger, who tells us about her "Beaux Jus" project.

With her recent degree in Art History in hands, Viktoria currently works both for art and hospitality projects. She developed Beaux Jus in her free time as she has always had an interest in the hospitality sector. Beaux Jus is a pop up concept focusing on the creation of cold pressed cocktails.  Viktoria chooses seasonal and sustainably sourced fruit and vegetables  and uses pressure to extract the nectar directly from the pulp. This pressing process helps keep the nutrients and enzymes intact. No artificial sweeteners, flavorings or preservatives are used . In her menu, one can find   a "Cranberry Green Tea Spritz" made of pomegranate, cranberry, green tea, sparkling water, rosemary and gin or a "Strawberry Riesling Slushy" made of  strawberries, lime, mint and Riesling.

She has already started a collaboration with the "Camberwell Love" pop-up, a  James Cochrane project (The Ledbury and Harwood Arms chef). 


Viktoria has answered to our four questions.

What brought you to London?

I moved to London to read history of art at UCL. Despite feeling privileged to study at such a great university, I also met my very best friends there.

What is the last exhibition, film or show that inspired you and why?

Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen. I have always love Woody Allen. His dry humour and awkwardness amuse me so much.

If you had to leave London, what would you miss the most?

It’s openness. I have found people here really welcoming to new ideas and concepts. For me personally it’s all about food and drink but I hear about innovative projects in all areas of culture all the time. There is a fearlessness to give thing a go, which I find inspiring.

Could you recommend some of your favourite places (shop, restaurant , venue…) in London?

Taylor street barista: a beautiful coffee and a relaxed interior.

Ducksoup: my friend's restaurant, an unbeatable list of organic wines and daily changing little dishes, all mouthwatering. 

Beagle: beautiful cocktails and delicious food in a chilled and elegant setting. 

Trisha: my all time favourite Indian in town.

Carpo: for nuts and dried fruit. 

Lina Store:  for any ingredients coming from Italy, especially cheeses. 

The Old Cinema:  a great place for furniture and presents.

Paul Rothe and Son Delicatessen: it's an old quintessentially english shop. It's a small shop on Wigmore street which has been there since 1900 and they offer the biggest selection of preserves, jams and marmalades in the area.

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Silke Otto-Knapp at Camden Arts Centre

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