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"A lively city scene is lively largely by virtue of its enormous collection of small elements" Jane Jacobs

Shoreditch's Redchurch street

Shoreditch's Redchurch street

Redchurch street is like a microcosm of Shoreditch. Alternative boutiques, connoisseur coffee shops, and hip office space make up its ecosystem. Not to mention being a favourite amongst street artists like Malarky, Milo, Alo, Stik, and most recently Francisco de Pajaro with his signature ‘Art is Trash’. Alexandra who is working in the area shares with FMC a few of her favorite spots ...

Let us start with Cafés. The scent of freshly roasted coffee is what first hits you as you venture into the depths of Redchurch street. It comes from the Allpress Espresso Roastery. You can see their coffee being roasted daily in a huge Petroncini roaster. They even offer a 2-hour ‘Perfect Cup Class’ in the evenings, teaching you the essentials of espresso preparation. Do not pop in if you are in a rush, as your coffee will not get to you in less than 15 minutes. But it doesn’t matter. Most of the Allpress clientele come in early in the morning, before going to the office, and enjoy a lazy breakfast with a newspaper in one hand, and a quality roast in the other.

Guess who else uses Allpress coffee? Maison Trois Garcons on the very same street. Maisons Trois Garcons is a café surrounded by an eclectic assortment of gift items, fashion accessories, as well as antique and contemporary furniture pieces. My personal favourite is Thierry Poncelet’s pillows of ‘ Aristochiens’, on sale in the café. The café offers an ultra healthy selection of seasonal salads and some very hard to resist cakes. I always give a farewell glance at the fluffy lemon meringue cake as I sadly retreat myself back into the office.

Every boutique on Redchurch is an antithesis of the high-street shopping experience. In Tracey Neuls’ shop, shoes are hung from the ceiling rather than on shelves. According to Tracey, the movement of swaying shoes relate to how they naturally move on your feet.

I was apprehensive about entering the Hostem store, a hipster menswear concept store with a dark and nostalgic feel. However, after stepping into the store and visiting ‘the chalk room’ in the basement, I was struck by a tinge of jealousy in not being able to buy anything. Yes, menswear can be exciting too…

I’m a sucker for perfumes and toiletries. Etat Libre d’Orange and Aesop certainly lure me into their aromatic boutiques every time I pass them. Aesop’s interior is like a hip laboratory and their staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their products. Go for the Vetiver root and Petitgrain hand wash. Etat Libre was designed by interior architect Shed. Their approach to perfume, where each fragrance is treated as a personality that can be worn, has been incorporated into the design of the London flagship. Are you a ‘Delicious Closet Queen’ or a ‘Bijou Romantique’?







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