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"A lively city scene is lively largely by virtue of its enormous collection of small elements" Jane Jacobs

The Art Lunch at the Office

The Art Lunch at the Office

Although London's arts scene is the most dynamic and diverse in the world, we lack the time to regularly engage with it. Our hectic days do not allow for many breaks; in fact, many of us have only breaks at lunch and dinner.

Instead of mindlessly gulping down food and drink before getting back to work, why not do something more constructive? At From My City, we specialize in the organization of interactive art-related events. We have spent lunches in the studios of internationally acclaimed artists, at solo shows, at perfumer's workshops, and with composers, and our clients have enjoyed some truly mind-opening lunches.

However, after much positive feedback, we hit a roadblock - many people did not have time to come to our venues during lunch time.

In response, we are launching our newest service, The Art Lunch delivered at your office, which will include:

• A chef inspired lunch

• An art related experience

• An hour of creative stimulation

During our hour-long Art Lunch, you will be introduced to some fascinating aspects of various forms of arts. You will meet artists, art historians, musicians, film producers, perfumers, writers, actors, and more - right at your office. After an introduction to an artist's work and their creative process, you will interact with them in an intimate environment. This will create an atmosphere that will inspire and challenge; presented the right way, art often sparks new and innovative thinking. Your mind will be refreshed and your energy restored just in time to tackle the afternoon's tasks and projects.

Each month, we will offer a choice of food and art related topics. All we need is:

  • a room with a a table and chairs
  • a minimum of 12 colleagues keen to engage, learn, and experience London's cultural scene

If you are interested, please call us at: +44 (0) 7899788273 or contact us by email at booking@frommycity.com.

We are hard at work to bring lunch breaks to a new level!


 Image Courtesy of Pairi Daiza


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